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Our Mission

The Construction Workforce Project (CWP) is a 501©3 advocacy organization whose partners are community and faith-based groups, public housing associations, industry leaders and other local stakeholders, who are driven to educate New York City constituents and other elected officials on the benefits of merit shop work for historically underrepresented multi-cultural communities in our region. By investing in merit shop friendly policies and programs, we can help shape a more secure future for marginalized communities across New York City.

Our Objectives

Despite a rapid expansion in the merit shop, also known as open-shop, construction labor  force throughout New York City, workers lacked a voice to advocate on behalf of their  interests regarding policies, non-union training programs and barriers to entry instituted by  union officials. The Construction Workforce Project (CWP) seeks to fill that void by educating both the public, elected officials and other community stakeholders about the benefits of  merit shop construction while advancing initiatives that align with the broader needs of communities of color and other underrepresented minorities in the New York City region.

Planned Activities

By Educating both the general public and elected officials about these issues, we can ensure our ideals are not only promoted but actually enacted. A succesful implementation of this approach would involve aspects of the following operational components.

  • Pursuing earned media opportunities that raise the profile of the organization and highlight the positive impact of open shop work for minority communities.
  • Pushing back on unions and emphasizing the use of open labor as a more viable alternative for both private and public projects int the future.
  • Engaging community-based advocacy groups, faith-based groups and other local stakeholders to create grassroots support for CWP.
  • Educating city and state lawmakers about our mission and advocating for legislation that supports the collective goals of our coalition.

By tying all of these components together, CWP will be well-positioned to tackle big-picture issues such as broader workforce diversity, public housing improvements, less union dependability, and the advancement of a legislative agenda.

Your Contribution

To make CWP a success, we need the support and funding of industry leaders like you.  Your backing will be critical to establishing leadership for the organization, pursuing third-party engagement opportunities and sustaining CWP as a public voice for workers in the long term. New York City’s construction workforce finds itself at a critical inflection point and the successful establishment of this group as an advocate will ensure a more secure future for both the open shop labor force and developers.

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