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ABC7NY: Imposter posed as Queens man for doctor’s visits in ‘fraudulent’ construction fall claim

For months, Eyewitness News has been looking into potential fraudulent work site accidents in New York and recently uncovered a case in which it appears someone stole a man's identity and posed as him as a patient for a worker's compensation claim.

CWP Endorses S.8413-A(Breslin) / A.8981-A(Weprin) Establishing Crime Of Staging Construction Site Accidents

CWP fervently endorses S.8413-A(Breslin) / A.8981-A(Weprin) which seek to classify staging a construction site accident for insurance fraud as a class E felony.

Response to Gary LaBarbera in AMNY 8/3 on Expanding Prevailing Wage

In AMNY’s op-ed column, August 3rd, “To close racial wealth gaps, continue to expand prevailing wage” Mr. LaBarbera proposes an interesting proposal. But what he failed to tell you is he and others like to do the exact opposite by forcing Project Labor Agreements (PLA) on prevailing wage projects.


In the recently released NYS one-house budget bills, Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) are proposed at least a dozen times resulting in billions of dollars for special projects. Also included is an expansion of prevailing wage on projects typically not subject to it. Unfortunately, all to the detriment of MWBE companies and workers of color.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise: Non-union businesses locked out of bidding to rebuild Olympic oval

PLAs cannot help but make projects cost more, simply because they limit competition at bid time. In addition, they often promise to “save money” on the very backs of employees by cutting labor rates and various benefits required by the New York State Department of Labor.

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