El Diario: Las discusiones sobre el salario prevaleciente deben considerar a trabajadores de color

La gran mayoría de las metas legislativas del presupuesto estatal para el 2019 fueron aprobadas por la legislatura de Nueva York, incluyendo la prohibición de bolsas de plástico, la introducción de precios de congestión y nuevos impuestos de mansión.

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This Is The Bronx: Prevailing wage discussions need to be about workers of color

Almost all of the reported legislative goals of the 2019 New York State budget passed— a plastic bag ban, congestion pricing, and a mansion tax. However, noticeably missing from this year’s budget was a prevailing wage expansion.

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Here’s Why a Prevailing Wage Expansion Would Be Bad News For New York’s Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

As an advocacy group for New York’s non-union, open shop workforce, the Construction Workforce Project (CWP) is reminding New Yorkers how any prevailing wage will sabotage hard-earned employment and housing opportunities.

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Letter to The Record: Prevailing wage expansion would hurt working class families

Troy’s unemployment rate remains higher than the national average, and many residents are not seeing access to great job opportunities. Rather than address the problem, the legislature is currently considering a prevailing wage expansion that has the potential to exacerbate the situation and further hurt the city’s working families.

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