How Should New York Handle a Fiscal Crisis? Not with Expanded Prevailing Wage. That’s for Sure

Raising the cost of construction of private projects 30 percent is no way to respond to a financial crisis.

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VIDEO – Construction Industry Leaders Address COVID-19 and Prevailing Wage

Construction Workforce Project Director of Advocacy, Clark Peña talks to Brian Sampson, Presisdent of Associated Builders and Contractors and Anthony Rinaldi, president of The Rinaldi Group, a New York area general contractor.

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Construction is an Essential Service – Exclude Prevailing Wage from the Budget

This industry is an essential service by every part of the definition of the term. Construction is and should be considered an essential service and excluded from the Governor’s Executive Order.

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To New York’s Elected Leaders: 2021 Proposed Budget – Prevailing Wage

As New York's elected leaders consider the proposed 2021 budget, The Construction Workforce Project wishes to remind them who they work for and who we are as citizens of this great city.

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CWP’s Response to Local 79 and Sepúlveda rally for prevailing wages

Support for inner-city, ethnically diverse workers needs to be demonstrated as our open shop industry has done. These prevailing wage efforts are proving to be nothing more than another market grab for special interests.

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Reminder: legislation to expand prevailing wage would harm workers of color and MWBE contractors

As the legislative session enters its final days, serious concerns remain regarding legislation to redefine public works and expand prevailing wage mandates in New York’s construction industry. Recent closed-door negotiations over the bill have not addressed these concerns.

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