New York, NY – Minority construction workers are already feeling the impact as construction sites across the boroughs and the state are being shut down or limiting workers on site. New York’s minority construction workforce fears the consequences of PREVAILING WAGE to private work in New York’s budget.

95% of open / merit shop workers are minority, local city residents, and they are already facing dire consequences as a result of the COVID-19 virus. The expansion of prevailing wage to private work in New York will harm their livelihoods even more so, and leave a bleak future to look forward to beyond the present crisis.

The Construction Workforce Project (CWP) is a New York advocacy group representing New York’s open/merit shop construction workforce. Today, open/merit shop workers are doing more than 80% of private major projects across New York City and the surrounding five boroughs. 95% of the open/merit shop workforce is Black and Latino individuals living in the five boroughs. CWP continues to present factual worker population data that illustrates the clear and present threat that expanding prevailing wage to private construction work would be to the vast majority of New York City’s construction workforce beyond the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here’s what you need to know about WHO works on New York’s open /merit shop construction sites and WHO exactly will be put out of work if prevailing wage is expanded.
On 130+ Private Major Projects throughout NYC / the Five Boroughs 14,000 Workers = 95% Minority Workers